Bodies without organs | publication, poster, print

A folded publication as an event guide / poster for a film series held at the Picture House, London.
Organised and commissioned by Curating Contemporary Art, Royal College of Art.
500 copies, A5 unfolds into A2

After our initial meeting with curators and writers, where I presented sketched out mock-ups as options for layout designs, we agreed that this is going to be black&white print material with strong linear graphic elements to conceptually reinforce the sense of narratives that were emerging from the curated program.

The black lines graphically represent the dark hollow internal space within the ribs of the corpse as it were... The chosen graphic linear treatment of the originally photographic imagery is also used to resemble the flickering lines of old films made on the 16mm camera. Altogether the graphic lines and the folds of the A2 poster creates a certain rhythm and dynamics as if to evoke a certain set of mind prior to the film screening.

Text unaligned to either left or right it is neither centered that way creating a sense of shifting and movement. The same approach is used for the body copy placement, it is diagonal to indicate the empty space and spaced out between to form a shadow as if it was taking shape.