Letters from dew: please stay in touch | print, short film, object design, interactive installation

Selected for Sustain RCA SHOW 2013
An interactive installation – a poetic and experiential take on communicating a message. It works by touching what appears a dark screen, but it is still water and once touched the video is triggered with a sound of recorded poetry. With contribution by:
Anastasia Kirillova, writer
Lawrence Weiner, voice over
Jaap de Maat, programmer
Michael Mulligan, object maker

Exhibition hand out design A4 Risograph prints by Ditto Press on natural white paper
Video documentation of the exhibition here

Letters from dew: please stay in touch focuses on the global water issues. Instead of presenting plain information, numbers and figures, warnings and statements (which is available widely as dead data) I proposed an immersive installation allowing people to engage through the video with poetry recorded by the amazing Lawrence Weiner. Audience experiences the video by touching the water that way renewing their relationship with water.

Water water is not as visible as it used to be by having to get water from a well... The human relationship with the water from the well is long gone, nowadays water comes to us in pipes and it is hidden on the shelves of the supermarkets in our food. Through Haiku poetry such information is presented reminding the audience of the significance of water, creating new relationship with water and in turn encouraging to to take care.