Opportunities in the Margins | publication design, print

Publications design for design researcher Stephanie Bickford Smith
Various sizes, mainly playing with a mix of A and B sizes
Typeface design: Gerard Unger

5 different size publications present 5 different parts of a project. The play with standard paper sizes, such as A5, A4 and B1, B2, is the starting point to have all publications work together as a group as well as individually, yet seamlessly reveal the unconventional research approach through the layout.

The grid and the vertical use of type bring dynamics and play, reflecting the nature of the hands on, pro-active design research with complex contents: a mix of audio recording, images and documentation of collected artefacts. 5 Publications for each research project were curated carefully so that their structure could facilitate the following research projects. While the format remains consistent throughout series of research projects, the colour changes to indicate which publication belongs to which project.